Via sound, make it easier for people to have contact with the Word of God and understand the Gospel.

“God-Run” – In the society, there are many government-run/private-run companies and organizations.  A government-run company means it is a company run by the government; and a private-run company means it is a company run by private parties.  The same logic applies to a God-run company, which means it is a company led by God and its purpose is to serve God.
“Wages” – ‘For the Scripture says, "Do not muzzle the ox while it is treading out the grain," and "The worker deserves his wages."’ (1 Timothy 5:18)  In a God-run company, everyone is employed by God, who is the boss.  We do not turn down volunteers, but towards our co-workers, we apply the teaching that “the worker deserves his wages”, as we are all workers hired by God.
 “Profits” – After taking into account remuneration for workers, operating expenses and tithe and offerings, profits of our company will be applied to product developments. We pray that the company will be self-sustainable, and if blessed by God, be able to give offerings.

“Bell Tower” – Many traditional churches have a bell tower.  The major purpose of a bell tower is to call people to come and worship God.  When designing the Good Voice Bible, the bell tower concept was adopted:  apart from the fact that the Good Voice Bible and a bell tower both make sounds, just like how sounds of a church bell call people to attend worship, we hope that the Good Voice Bible would bring people before God via “voice”.  We believe that God’s Word has power.  When it is read, it will let one see light, just as sounds of a bell in the dawn.

 “Pencil” – From ancient Rome to now, from a 3-year-old to an elderly in the 80’s, from a kid learning how to write to Einstein the physicist, pencil was once or still is in their hands.  Pencil may not be something spectacular in our daily life, but we cannot deny we need it.  The Word of God is just the same.  No matter when, who, what the age is and how much one knows, all have the rights and the need to be in touch with God’s Word.  Like a pencil, we hope the Good Voice Bible could serve people of different ages, occupations, backgrounds and circumstances.  May anyone at any time could pick it up and listen to God’s Word.

Design Concept

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Management Philosophy



In 2011, founder of Sound of the Light Limited was moved to develop a user-friendly audio bible to enable an elderly friend with deteriorated vision to listen to the Bible.  During the development process, he found out that many people have similar needs.  So he began to think of different development possibilities.  In 2014, Alan set up Sound of the Light Limited to produce its first product.

People who do not use smart phones.  We know that a lot of people listen to the Holy Bible on their smart phones.  However, there are many others, say, the elderly, the visually challenged, etc., who may not be able to take advantage of this advanced technology.  The Good Voice Bible is a simple and easy to use tool which allows anyone to hear the Word.

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Warranty Information

The Good Voice Bible


Q1:What is this product?
A1:It is a tool for listening to the Bible.  With the Booklet, it allows one to quickly search for the desired chapters to listen to.
Q2:What is the Bible version and language used in the product?
A2:At present, only the Union version in Mandarin is available.  More versions and languages will be adopted in due course.
Q3:Is the other contents apart from the Bible?
A3:Apart from the Bible, this product also contains a “One-year listening plan”.
Q4:What is the “One-year listening plan”?
A4:It is a plan which allows one to finish listening to the entire Bible in one year.  Each day, a section from the New Testament and a section from the Old Testament would be played.  If one follows the plan, one could finish listening to the Bible in one year.
Q5:How could I update the product if you later publish other versions of the Bible?
A5:This product CANNOT be updated via a computer.  However, one may change the memory card.  A purchaser of this product only needs to buy a  memory card when we publish any other Bible version.
Q6:Is it that I won’t be able to use the product if I lose the Booklet?
A6:If the Booklet is lost, this product could still be used independently.  Without the Booklet, however, one will not be able to use its scanning function to quickly select chapters from the Booklet.
Q7:Can a kid use it?

A7:Absolutely!  Other than the elderly and the visually challenged, we encourage parents to use this products with children to build a habit of listening to God’s Word together.

The Good Voice Bible is an extremely easy to use audio bible player. It allows anyone to listen to the Holy Bible simply by pointing to the corresponding chapter in the accompanied booklet.

Suggested retail price: HK$390.

For details, please contact us directly:

Fax: +852 3014 8176


Sound of the Light Limited will provide a one-year warranty.  If within one year of purchase the product has any problem not caused by human error, our company will repair for free or provide an exchange for the user.  Problems caused by human error include, but are not limited to, dropping, soaking, breaking and burning of the product, etc.  All warranty and exchange issues are subject to our final decision which is at our sole discretion.

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